$35k+ worth of reasons to start building your dream home at Olivia in 2020

$35K+ worth of reasons to start building your dream home at Olivia in 2020  

Planning to build a new home is an exciting time. It’s more than simply building a home to live, it’s about creating a lifestyle and a sense of place. Home is where we settle to restore and rebalance, where the family is nurtured and raised, and where we share a part of ourselves with friends and family.

The journey of building a home can be stressful if you don’t give yourself enough time. That’s why we’re encouraging you to start planning now. Creating the home you desire, regardless of your budget, can be an enjoyable process when you’ve given yourself time and space to plan.

Building a home is a 4-5 month process, so starting your home build plans sooner rather than later means you could be living at Olivia before the end of this year.

There are many good reasons to start building your dream home at Olivia in Truganina today. Here are six of them, starting with the most recent exciting announcement of the HomeBuilder Grant.

1. $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant

The Government has just announced the HomeBuilder Grant, as part of their Economic Response to the Coronavirus. HomeBuilder provides owner-occupiers (including first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home or renovate an existing home. To be eligible, the contract needs to be signed between 4 June 2020 and 31 December 2020 and construction must commence within three months of the contract date.

You can find out more on the Government’s Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions. We will provide you with updates via email and Facebook, as they become available. 

2. $10K First Home Buyers Grant

If you’re buying or building your first home in Melbourne valued up to $750,000, you may be eligible for a First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) of $10,000. The home must be less than five years old to be eligible for the FHOG. 

3. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS)  is a government initiative that helps people buy their first home. A deposit of 20% is normally required for a new home. If you have a smaller deposit, you often need to pay Lender’s Mortgage Insurance which can amount to thousands of dollars.

With the FHLDS, you can buy a home with as little as 5% deposit and no LMI, saving you potentially over $10,000 depending on your mortgage amount. As of July 1, 2020, another 10,000 places will be available. They get snapped up quickly so we’d recommend you look into this sooner rather than later.

4. Olivia construction is full steam ahead

Olivia construction is full steam ahead with both Stages 1 and 2 due to title in the coming weeks, and 20 new lots being launched in our Ionica Release on June 27.

5. Land valuations are healthy

With all kinds of predictions and market speculation occurring at the moment with COVID-19, property land valuations at Olivia are still on the increase, with healthy returns for investors who bought land two years ago. Our customers are getting positive bank valuations and confidence is high.

6. Take advantage of very low interest rates

Australia hasn’t seen interest rates this low since November 2012. And we don’t know when we will see them again. The opportunity to borrow money to build your dream home means more money in your pocket and toward your build instead of interest rates. Not only that, but you will also be able to pay off your mortgage sooner.

With the HomeBuilder Grant, the First Home Buyers Grant, and the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, that’s $35K+ reasons to start building your home and $35K+ toward an investment in your future!

Are you ready to settle? Call the Olivia team to arrange your valuation.

Stage 1 titles are expected at the end of July, and construction on Stage 2 is almost complete with titles expected mid-August.

If you haven’t done so already, we can help you have your land valued and organise your finance. Valuations are available Fridays from 2-3pm from 19 June to 17 July 2020. Your valuer can arrange the valuation through our Estate Manager, Christian Taverna, on 0422 871 939 to book their place.

For help with financing, we have Anna and Tom who are here to help you. Anna is a Mortgage Broker at Oakbury Financial Group and specialises in First Home Buyers, Land, and Construction Finance. You can reach her at 0431 073 350.

Tom is a Mobile Home Lending Executive at Commonwealth Bank and you can get in touch with him at 0436 916 258.

If you have any other questions, please contact our Estate Manager Christian on 0422 871 939 or [email protected]

5 step guide to settlement and getting ready to build your new home

Now that you’re a proud owner of land at Olivia in Truganina, and planning a future for you and your family, the next step is to start creating your ideal lifestyle starting with a home. Your home is your sanctuary and building a home you will love to live in needs careful planning.
It takes on average about 4-5 months from the day you begin researching your options for a new home build, to actually starting the building process. Therefore, if you want to begin building soon after settlement, the planning needs to start now.
Planning for a new home build can be an enjoyable and exciting experience for everyone if you give yourself enough time. Here are 5 steps leading up to settlement to help you prepare.

What is property settlement?

Property settlement is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from one owner to another. There is a significant amount of paperwork and legal forms to sign and complete during this process. In Victoria, you must have either a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor to finalise the process. You may choose to do the paperwork yourself, but you will still require a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor to lodge the settlement. More about this below. 

Step 1 – Exchange of contracts
The exchange of contracts occurred when you purchased a land lot at Olivia and paid your deposit. When construction is complete, the land titles will be released and available for final settlement. In the meantime, there are a few steps to get through.

Step 2 – Get your finances organised 
If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to have your finances organised to ensure that settlement is completed without any problems. Your mortgage broker or home loan provider needs time to review your current financial position to approve the funds for a home loan application.
You may choose to work directly with your bank or an independent mortgage broker to finance the mortgage. Both banks and mortgage brokers can provide competitive rates and exceptional service. Whichever you choose comes down to personal preference and perhaps prior relationships that may already be in place.
Step 3 – Start planning to build your home
It takes 4-5 months to actually begin the building process of your home from the day you start researching. This process takes time because building a home is exciting and you are spending more money than you have probably ever spent before. And you want to get it right for you and your family.
Give yourself plenty of time to make decisions about how your new home will suit your lifestyle, a growing family, the spaces you’ll need, the fixtures, fittings and the outdoor landscaping. All these decisions are less stressful when you have time and you’re not in a rush.
Starting the process well before settlement will make it easier on you and your family and means you’ll be in your home a few months after the settlement process is complete.
Olivia have partnered with a select group of builders who have a range of house and land packages and home designs for small and large land lots or you can choose your own builder.
Step 4 – Engage a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor
A conveyancer or solicitor is necessary for final settlement of properties in Victoria. You can do your own conveyancing but the lodgement of the paperwork to complete settlement can only be done by a conveyancer or solicitor.
They are responsible for ensuring all the paperwork is prepared for the settlement and title transfer process by ensuring that all legal obligations are met. They also protect their client’s rights during the transaction.
If you’d like more information about settlement, contact the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning hereFor a list of conveyancers in Melbourne, please click here and for further information about lodgement, visit the PEXA website
Step 5 – On settlement day
The big day arrives when many moving parts have to come together to complete a settlement. On settlement day, which is an agreed day, time and place, your conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor will meet with the seller’s representatives to finalise all legal documents. They will also organise for the balance of the purchase price to be paid to the seller.
The property is then transferred to you – the new owner. This process should run smoothly if all aspects of a settlement have been properly prepared.
Any questions about settling your land and property?
If you have any questions about the upcoming settlement of your land, contact us at Olivia we’re happy to help.
Construction is going full steam ahead as planned at Olivia and we are expecting Stage 1 and 2 titles for settlement in July 2020. Exciting times are ahead for you and your family.
We look forward to seeing this new community at Olivia thrive and prosper, providing a safe, happy and healthy environment to raise your family, upsize to your dream home or invest in your future.
Call us today on 0422 871 939 to enquire about lots for sale, house and land packages, or register your interest for upcoming exclusive releases.

Why rent when you can buy? A new home is still an affordable reality in Olivia Truganina.

Why rent when you can buy? A new home is still an affordable reality at Olivia in Truganina

If you’re currently renting and wondering how to enter the Melbourne property market, then consider a house and land package at Olivia in Truganina.

Especially for first home buyers, the opportunity to buy a beautiful modern home in a thriving community, which is only 28kms from Melbourne’s CBD, is an affordable reality.

Why continue renting if buying your own brand-new home is possible? And there are many lifestyle benefits to living in Truganina. Not only are there schools, shopping centres and public transport options nearby today, there are several proposed new amenities developing over the next few years, such as a train station, Westfield Shopping Centre and a large business park that will bring more than 19,000 jobs to the community.

The disadvantages of renting:

It’s not an investment – paying rent is a set amount of money leaving your bank account every month going toward paying off someone else’s mortgage.

Renting can be more expensive – the cost of renting steadily increases over the years due to inflation and property prices increasing. However, mortgage repayments reduce over the life of the loan as the principal is paid off and interest reduces.

Building maintenance is up to the landlord – if maintenance work is needed to your property, you’re in the hands of the landlord or property manager to get things done which can be frustrating.

Less flexibility in making it your own personal space – your home is your sanctuary with your personal touch. Not so easy to this sense in a rental property.

No long-term certainty – you may want to settle down for the long-term, but this is not assured when you’re renting. Your time in this home is largely dictated by the landlord who might sell or develop the property.

But what to do about a deposit?
Saving for a deposit is often the biggest roadblock to owning your own property. Sure, you might have more cash to spend for a better lifestyle today by not having to put money away for a deposit. But you’ll have more money in home equity down the track once you’re in the property market.

Even though Melbourne property prices are high, you can still get into the property market in places like Olivia at Truganina. The Deakin Business School recommends that younger people look for growing markets to buy property. Likewise, for investors who are looking to add to their property portfolio in regions showing promising growth such as Truganina.

There are first home buyer schemes and low deposit home loans available today making it much easier to enter the property market in Melbourne.

Have a look at this Canstar video on 10 Ways to Help Save For A House Deposit.

Why choose Olivia at Truganina – lifestyle benefits:

Work opportunities – Melbourne Business Park is a planned $2 billion business park that will deliver 19,000 jobs by 2040 and is only a five-minute drive to Olivia.

Shopping – Caroline Springs is a ten-minute drive away and a Westfield Shopping Centre is proposed for Mount Atkinson which is a three-minute drive from Olivia. The future Rockbank Town Centre which will be a 35,000 square metre indoor shopping centre with specialty shops, supermarkets and cafés is also proposes and only a 5-minute drive from Olivia.

Schools – There are many existing schools in the region but there are also three new schools planned moments away in Mount Atkinson, with two falling under the Edmund Rice banner. And, a state primary school is planned for Grandview which will be located on Caulonia Drive in Olivia, you can easily walk the kids to school. (View our aerial photo on our home page).

Community – The variety of cafes, pubs and restaurants, wineries and golf clubs will get you connected to your local community. There are also sports and recreation centres, medical centres, an aquatic centre, libraries and other community centres.

Buy a house and land package at Olivia and pay less than your rent per month.

You can purchase a house and land package at Olivia in Truganina from $379,500 for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhome.

With a 5% deposit and the low interest rates we have today, weekly mortgage repayments could be around $350 which is less than Melbourne’s average rental price of $420 per week. Contact us to find out about property at Olivia in Truganina and to discuss upcoming exclusive releases.

Why you should invest in the Western Corridor of Melbourne

Why you should invest in the Western Corridor of Melbourne. 

The City of Melton is the third fastest growing municipality in Victoria, at 5.4 per cent annual growth last year. Rockbank was Australia’s fastest growing locality in 2017-2018. The population of the City of Melton is projected to be 485,061 by 2051, making it larger than the size of Canberra today.

What does this mean for home buyers or investors in Truganina?

The Victorian Government’s plans for Melbourne’s western corridor is to create thriving local communities with robust economies, including affordable and attractive housing and more jobs. Plans for Truganina and surrounding suburbs include new road, rail and bus links, better public transport, town centres, shopping precincts, more government and private schools and plenty of open green spaces for people to enjoy.

It’s the ideal time to invest in Melbourne’s western corridor, either as a home buyer or an investor. Olivia in Truganina is aligned with the City of Melton and the Victorian Government’s plans to support the development of affordable and beautiful homes, in well-resourced communities.

The growth in Truganina’s neighbouring suburbs

Buying a beautiful house and land package in Truganina is still an affordable reality, but it won’t last so now is a good time to buy and invest. Have a look at what happened in Caroline Springs. This suburb in Melbourne’s western corridor has seen significant growth in the last few years.

Caroline Springs Growth

The median house price of Caroline Springs is now $627,000 growing at a steady 5.6% per year and rental yields are a very healthy at 4.3%. Caroline Springs is only ten minutes from Truganina, whose median house price has risen lately to $563,000.

The growth potential of Olivia at Truganina

According to www.realestate.com.au, Truganina has seen a compound growth rate of 9.5% for houses and 6.5% per annum for units over the last five years. That’s a solid and steady growth that will continue to increase as proposed services and amenities are developed in Truganina over the next few years.

If you’re wanting a quality lifestyle for your family, with parklands, schools and shopping at your fingertips, in a growing suburb that is an excellent investment, then Olivia offers the best of both worlds in Melbourne’s western corridor.

Affordable and beautiful house and land packages, with everything you need at your fingertips:

  • 4-minute drive to Rockbank train station
  • 30-minute drive to Melbourne airport
  • 4-minute drive to the Western Freeway
  • 10-minute drive to bustling Caroline Springs
  • 30-minute drive to Melbourne’s CBD

The City of Melton has a wonderful vision for the future

The City of Melton is committed to the development of a safe and socially connected community with a strong local economy.

The population is expected to double over the next 20 years and the community is regularly invited to contribute to its future vision by expressing their needs about the ideal community to live in. They call this initiative the “City We Imagine”.

Call us today for more information or register your interest in Olivia, Truganina

Olivia is a long term investment in your lifestyle, your health and well-being and your financial foundation. Olivia is offering excellent value house and land packages today. You can purchase a four-bedroom luxury home in an estate that will have 6.5 hectares of green spaces, close to public transport and schools, starting from $449,150.

Call us today on 0422 871 939 to enquire about lots for sale, and house and land packages, or register your interest for upcoming exclusive releases.


New home buyers and investors in Melbourne’s West – 5 things to look for in a new community

New home buyers in Melbourne’s West have a vast range of choice in communities to live in. Looking for the ideal suburb for the next chapter of your family’s life is exciting and full of potential – new friendships, community activities and social adventures. But how do you pick the right community for you?

To help you make a decision, we’ve put together the top 5 things to look for when searching for the right community for you and your family.

1. Parks and open spaces

Greenery is important for our wellbeing, and in order to enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle, you need easy access to ample parks and open spaces. Ideally, your home should be within walking distance to at least one active space (a sporting field, playground or running/walking track) and one passive space (wetlands, landscaped reserve). This will ensure your family can enjoy a range of leisure activities such as walking the dog, jogging and other sporting activities. All within an easy stroll from home.

In Melbourne’s West at the new Olivia community, home buyers will benefit from almost one fifth (6.5 hectares) of the masterplan set aside for multiple playing fields, parks and open space, offering the perfect mix of leisure and lifestyle activities.

2. Accessibility to amenities and services

New communities in Melbourne’s West are located in key growth suburbs where there is a substantial commitment to planned amenities, to meet the growing needs of home buyers relocating there. While these blueprints will play an important role in shaping new suburbs as they grow and establish, residents still need their everyday needs serviced by existing amenities nearby.

Home buyers in Melbourne’s West should ideally look for a community within a 10 minute drive of services such as a supermarket, petrol station, medical facilities and appropriate schools or childcare services.

3. Unique features for lifestyle and capital growth

Unique features will enhance your lifestyle and add to the capital growth and desirability of the community you choose. Look for features such as a wetlands precinct, a sporting facility, creative play spaces and well equipped playgrounds. At Olivia, the developer Marantali has focused on an incredible adventure playground as its centrepiece, complete with innovative play zones for all ages. These include fun activity-based areas, stunning landscaping and barbeque facilities for family get-togethers and birthdays.

The developer has also chosen to preserve the natural character of the land by retaining a significant number of olive trees in order to repurpose them throughout the community’s streetscapes and open space for the next generation to enjoy.

4. The developer’s commitment to quality

Behind every good community is a developer who’s committed to quality and innovation. Creating a community with homes for hundreds of people is a big responsibility as millions of dollars is poured into a development that will last for generations. Is the developer thinking ahead? Do they go the extra mile to create a lasting lifestyle for residents? What are their previous projects like?

It always pays to research the developer and find out more about their values and previous projects.

At Olivia, developer Marantali is committed to ensuring the streetscapes and surroundings are landscaped to the highest quality, by offering free front landscaping for every home. This will ensure the community retains its beauty, preserving and adding value for years to come.

5. Connectivity to the CBD

Melbourne West’s growing suburbs offer a fantastic opportunity for home buyers to access affordable land on which to build their dream home or invest. While many growth suburbs will provide land options under $200,000, not all areas are created equal. Due to sustained growth in Melbourne’s south-east and the number of existing suburbs already populating the north, new estates in these regions are typically 40–50km from the CBD. However Melbourne’s West is relatively close to the CBD, with new developments located as close as 30km from the CBD, or a half hour train ride, offering an excellent location for those who commute into the city daily for work.

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Melbourne’s West – register your interest with Olivia

Olivia in Truganina is offering potential home buyers in Melbourne’s West house and land packages that are exceptional value for money. Truganina is an ideal place to raise your family in a vibrant community, upsize to your dream home, or invest for the future.

Call the Olivia Sales Manager on 0422 871 939 or email [email protected] to discuss the packages available, or register your interest to find out about exclusive new releases.

5 reasons why ‘Truganina’ will soon be Melbourne West’s most enviable address

Did you know that the City of Melton has recently announced plans to establish 11 new suburbs in Melbourne’s West? The council is changing the boundaries of existing suburbs to accommodate the rapid growth as purchasers flock to the suburbs of this thriving municipality for house and land packages.

The new boundary of budding western suburb, Truganina, has been expanded to now cover parts of the former Rockbank locale.

Secure your house and land in Truganina sooner than later

This has provided first home buyers, investors, and downsizers alike with an incredible opportunity to secure house and land in the ‘new’ side of Truganina  in Melbourne’s West. It takes advantage of all the added benefits of the established surrounds, which include:

1. An ideal location between Caroline Springs and Melton South

Nestled between two established suburbs – Caroline Springs and Melton South – the newly-expanded Truganina is close to existing amenities as well as Melbourne’s CBD. There are existing public transport options and major highways on the suburb’s doorstep, with big plans to add more road and train infrastructure in the coming years.

Residents at Olivia Estate in the former Rockbank area will be able to drive to Melbourne’s CBD in 30 minutes, or catch the train from Rockbank and be in the city in 30 minutes. The Western Freeway and Ring Road is only 4 minutes away and guarantees a stress-free half hour journey to Melbourne’s international airport.

2. Melbourne’s West is a Foodie heaven

Food and wine aficionados will delight in two of the west’s best kept secrets nearby. Weekends can be spent with a wine glass in hand, gazing out over lush grapevines at Witchmount Estate. Witchmount is built around a rustic bluestone function centre, cellar door and restaurant overlooking 100 acres of vineyards.

Or if a taste of Italy is more your fancy, head around the corner to Galli Estate. The Tuscan-born owner comes from generations of Italian Winemakers, and has carefully selected the old Plumpton site for its rich and red volcanic soil. The vines at Galli Estate produce an award-winning drop which pays tribute to the richness of the soil and surrounding landscapes.

3. Shopping in Caroline Springs

CS Square and Central Shopping Centre in neighbouring Caroline Springs are home to a host of fashion, beauty, leisure, grocery, and homeware retailers. All home cooks know that a great meal starts with quality produce – and there is no shortage of local fruit and vegetable stores nearby.

4. An abundance of open space in Truganina

There is plenty of green, open space in Truganina – many of the well-planned estates in the suburb include sizeable amounts of open space and parklands. Developers like Marantali are keen to maximise the existing vegetation.

Almost one fifth of the masterplan in its new 37.5ha Olivia development will be set aside for playing fields, parks and open space. Approximately one thousand remnant olive trees will be salvaged and used to line the streets and sales office, propagating an abundance of greenery for years to come.

5. A prosperous atmosphere focused on family and community in Melbourne’s West

One of the main priorities for first home buyers and young families when researching house and land in Truganina, is proximity to local schools and

sporting clubs. With an increase in popularity over the last decade, Melbourne’s western growth corridor has seen a growth in the number of primary and secondary schools being established to cater for new families.

The City of Melton is home to 38 primary and secondary schools, and the State Government has plans for many more additional schools in the coming decades. Truganina is perfectly poised to benefit from this commitment to education with a variety of schools to choose from within walking distance. Rockbank Primary School, the prestigious Bacchus Marsh Grammar Primary School and Edmund Rice P-12 School (proposed) are a few minutes walk or drive away.

Register your interest for a house and land at Olivia in Truganina

One of the newest communities in Truganina, Olivia, is offering land lots sized from 263sqm – 523sqm, and house and land packages in Melbourne’s West. Truganina offers an excellent opportunity to raise your family in a vibrant community, upsize to your dream home, or invest for the future.

Call the Olivia Sales Manager on 0422 871 939 or email [email protected] to discuss the lots available, or register your interest to find out about exclusive new releases.

5 Tips for securing the best value house and land packages in Melbourne’s West

In the last few years, demand for house and land packages in Melbourne’s West thriving corridor has boomed. With several developments underway and hundreds of options, looking for the ideal place to call home can be overwhelming.

Whether you’re a first home buyer, investor, growing family or downsizer, here are 5 tips to ensure you get the very best value for money when selecting the right home for you and your family.

1. Which location in Melbourne’s West?

One of the major drivers of capital growth is location. If you’re looking to make an investment which enables you to continue climbing the property ladder – the key is choosing a home in a suburb or position that will increase in value over time. The closer your home is to the CBD or a central employment precinct, the more capital growth it is likely to experience.

As a bonus, living closer to your place of work will significantly reduce your commuting time. Be on the hunt for a spot which has existing or planned public transport options, good highway infrastructure, and easy access to major transport hubs like airports; it will save you time, money and stress in the long run.

When shopping around for house and land packages in Melbourne’s west, Olivia Estate has plenty of benefits when it comes to location:

  • 4-minute drive to Rockbank train station
  • 30-minute drive to Tullamarine airport
  • 10-minute drive to bustling Caroline Springs
  • 30-minute drive to Melbourne’s CBD
  • 4-minute drive to the Western Freeway

2. Are the incentives worthwhile?

With so many players in the market, the contest to secure buyers in the west is fierce. At first glance, this seems great for purchasers, as many developers are offering incentives like free stamp duty, free furnishings, and even frequent flyer points.

However, you’re investing for the future, so it’s important to consider whether the incentive offered will have any effect on the value of your property in the future. Frequent Flyer points can be enticing but are short-lived, and free furniture packages will likely date in a few years. These incentives are not likely to influence the resale price of your property.

Look for incentives or packages that will have a more long-lasting effect. The developer of Olivia, Marantali, for example, is offering complimentary front-garden landscaping and home security for house and land packages in Melbourne’s West. These incentives actually improve the aesthetic of each home and the surrounding streetscape, therefore helping to ensure demand and quality remain at a premium in the years to come.

3. Block size matters

Most of the value in real estate is retained in the land itself – in other words, lot size really matters. If your hip pocket allows, purchasing a house and land package with a block that is relatively larger than others in the area will help build value in your home over time.

Land is an appreciating asset – the basic economic principles of supply and demand play a key role here. Land is in limited supply and the growing population in Melbourne’s West increases the demand for it. Therefore the price of land will most likely continue to increase over time.

In Truganina for example, the average block size is roughly 400sqm, and in the neighbouring suburb of Plumpton, the average lot size available is less than 350sqm. There are many larger lots available in the area – Olivia for example will offer blocks ranging up to an expansive 523sqm.

4. Buy in a boutique estate

It’s important to consider the quality of the estate, as well as that of your home. Opt for a well-planned estate which does not compromise on quality for its future residents.

Olivia has been thoughtfully designed around the concept of ‘a beautiful life’. The main boulevard leads to a large park, and almost a fifth of the estate (6.5 hectares) has been set aside for open space and playing fields, meaning that every resident will have close access to green spaces.

5. Prices of house and land packages in Melbourne’s West

The final aspect to consider is price. At face-value, the lower-priced stock often looks like the most attractive option, but it’s important to compare the cost against the estate quality, lot size, location, access to amenities and any incentives offered. You want the best bang for your buck.

When searching for the best value for money for a house and land package in Melbourne’s West, the earlier stage releases of a community is often the best opportunity to secure a block at the most competitive price. Olivia is offering 263sqm blocks in its first stage release from just $185,000, which offers the best value for money in the area.

Register your interest for a house and land at Olivia in Truganina

One of the newest communities in Truganina, Olivia, is offering land lots sized from 263sqm – 523sqm, and house and land packages in Melbourne’s West. Truganina offers an excellent opportunity to raise your family in a vibrant community, upsize to your dream home, or invest for the future.

Call the Olivia Sales Manager on 0422 871 939 or email [email protected] to discuss the lots available, or register your interest to find out about exclusive new releases.

Why this Melbourne housing community sold out in just hours

You’ll have to be quick to buy a house and land package in the growing suburb of Truganina.

Smart buyers and investors are leaving the inner-suburbs for more affordable land in Melbourne’s West. Property for sale in Melbourne’s rapidly growing Truganina, is being met with an unprecedented demand from buyers fed up with Melbourne’s skyrocketing house prices.

At Olivia,  the estate’s first three releases sold out in just hours. With the first land release in September 2017, all 67 quality land lots sold out entirely on the first day released to the market!

This overwhelming demand spurred the developer, Marantali, to subsequently fast-track the next release of 41 land lots, exclusively for purchasers who initially missed out on the first release, which again sold out on the opening weekend.

The third release, containing 26 land lots, further demonstrated this pent-up demand when hitting the market before Christmas 2017, resulting in a complete sell out in just hours.

“We have been completely overwhelmed with the demand for Olivia since launching. Purchasers who missed out on properties for sale in the first three releases are now on a waiting list for our next stage to be offered to the Truganina market in the coming weeks,” said the Olivia sales manager.

History shows Melbourne’s outer growth suburbs perform strongly in capital growth as new infrastructure and facilities become established – a sign that early purchasers in Olivia will benefit significantly in the coming years.

For example, in Rockbank, the suburb’s median house price has risen from $192,000 in 2015 to $497,000 in 2019, following the creation of new housing developments and infrastructure.

Similarly, in Caroline Springs, the median house price has more than doubled since 2010. This community has now become renowned for its abundant wetlands, schools, sporting ovals and parks, with purchasers paying a premium to call the suburb home.

Nearby Williams Landing is another example, which Domain cites is outpacing much of Melbourne’s established and leafy eastern suburbs in terms of price growth. The suburb has median house price of $661,000 as of February 2020.

Those who have bought into Olivia are primed to experience a similar uplift in prices, with the now approved Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) that governs the area signaling the development of significant parks and open space, a major town centre, two local town centres, a new train station, sporting reserves and roads, all just minutes away from Olivia.

The PSP will also spur the creation of major job opportunities to reduce CBD commuting, such as a new employment precinct along Hopkins Road for office, light industrial and commercial businesses.

This is all in addition to the beautiful amenities that Olivia itself will offer, including four and a half hectares of active open space and a further two hectares of family-friendly parklands.

“Property for sale at Olivia, Truganina, currently starts from around $230,000, enabling buyers to build their dream home for under $450,000. That’s basically half the price of Melbourne’s current median house price, which continues to rise.”

With so many exciting plans for the area, a new train station and Westfield proposed, and new schools being developed, a demand in property for sale in Truganina has boomed. It’s no wonder home buyers have eagerly chosen to secure their slice of Olivia.

Don’t miss out – register your interest for the next stage of land releases at Olivia today.

Register your interest for new and exclusive land releases at Olivia in Truganina today.

Olivia is offering property for sale in Truganina which is exceptional value for money. Truganina is an ideal place to raise your family in a vibrant community, upsize to your dream home, or invest for the future.

Call the Olivia Sales Manager on 0422 871 939 or email [email protected].com.au to discuss the land lots available, or register your interest to find out about exclusive new releases.