Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Christmas is just around the corner and there’s plenty of cheer in the west to help you celebrate!

Christmas Tree Farm

The Melbourne Christmas Tree Farm is 10 minutes from Olivia on Leakes Road in Plumpton. This local family-owned business has the perfect tree for you! 

Visit the farm with your family and pick your own tree; you can choose from already cut trees or cut one yourself, or because this time of year is so busy, order your tree online and have it delivered. They even offer a collection service to pick up any old trees after Christmas, check out their website here.

Carols by Candlelight

Melton City Council invite the community to share in some free Christmas cheer at Carols by Candlelight.

It’s fun for the whole family with face painting, craft activities, Becky Bubbles, food trucks, and stage entertainment. To be held from 6pm to 9:30pm at Hannah Watts Park, High Street Melton on Saturday, 2 December.

Christmas Markets

In the four weeks leading up to Christmas, The Melbourne Christmas Tree Farm holds a Christmas market providing a great opportunity to choose your tree and do some Christmas gift shopping at the same time!

Eynesbury Farmers Market is holding their Christmas Market from 9am – 2pm Saturday, 18 December. Free parking is available at the Homestead Golf Club. Bring the whole family, support local and find some beautiful fresh produce for Christmas day and plenty of artisan crafts to gift your loved ones.

Christmas will be here before we know it, the team at Olivia would like to take this opportunity to wish you all happy and safe holidays! 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on the information available to Marantali at the time of publishing. 
Header image: Joanna Kosinka

Olivia Construction Update: September 2023

Olivia Construction Update: September 2023

There’s been much progress at Olivia since our last construction update video; our Stage 3 feature park opened featuring interactive and inclusive Yalp play equipment, the first of its kind in Australian community playspaces; street tree planting and nature strip tidying has been completed in Stages 13 and 14; and we have another 5 stages currently under construction. 

Current Construction

Construction is well underway on Stages 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Bulk earthworks are nearing completion which means we’ll be moving onto infrastructure such as sewerage and drainage next. It’s all go for our construction teams. 

Currently, titles are expected for Stages 4, 5 and 8 mid-2024 with titles for Stages 6 and 7 to follow shortly after towards the end of 2024 bringing 252 new families one step closer to building their dream homes and joining the Olivia community.

Staying up to date

Staying up to date with progress in your stage is easy – keep an eye on “Under Construction” on our website, we update the progress and expected title dates regularly.

Looking to purchase land? We have limited available lots at Olivia, please contact our friendly sales team on 0422 871 939 or [email protected] for more information and to start something beautiful today!


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on the information available to Marantali at the time of publishing. As progress is dependent on weather and third parties, delivery times may differ.


Olivia Playspace

Changing the way families play, a blog by Lark Industries 

When Melbourne-based developer, Marantali, sought to create a playspace for Olivia Estate, a 1.27-hectare feature park at its master-planned community in Truganina, the goal was to deliver something unique.

 It had to be multi-generational, inclusive, and dynamic.

“We wanted a playground offering a range of equipment for various age groups, including seniors. Something completely different to anything available in Melbourne.” Marco Liali, Director, Marantali.

Marco contacted Ryan Longford, Lark Industries’ National Sales Manager, to discuss the options. Ryan says speaking directly with Marantali about its dream playspace made all the difference:

“Through speaking to Marantali, we were able to provide a first-hand look at the latest play experiences, which they may not have seen yet. We were able to give them a direct insight as to how they may be able to do things differently.” 

Lark Industries is the sole distributor of Yalp, experts in the development, design and manufacture of interactive smart play technology that combines the physical and digital worlds, and ensures everyone, regardless of age, ability, gender, or background has equal opportunity for play. Having direct access to Yalp, through Lark Industries, cemented Marco’s decision:

“Ryan is always open to looking at different types of equipment. So, after he showed me Yalp, it was a no brainer; it had all the ‘wow’ features and was something I really wanted to look at. So, we went to the Netherlands to see it, and Ryan joined us, which was great, as he gave us a good rundown.”

The Yalp difference delivers an Australian first in community playspaces

Olivia’s exciting new playspace includes traditional and industry-leading equipment, which brings together technology, gaming and outdoor equipment that is inclusive of all ages.

The driving force behind the park’s success as a state-of-the-art inclusive and interactive play space, is its use of the latest play technology. Olivia has two Yalp interactive products, both using technology and sensory engagement, such as touch, LED light responses, music and audible instructions that are all centred around physical movement and reaction. They engage the senses and encourage socialisation, teamwork, communication, problem solving, and movement.

The Yalp Sona, a first of its kind in Victoria, is a dance and play arch that works intuitively through the use of motion sensors. When users walk under the arch, they’re asked if they want to play a game. Different games can be selected at the touch of a button and allow several people to play together.

The Yalp Memo is a set of seven play pillars that emphasise learning through movement and fast-paced agility games that challenge children, youth, parents, and grandparents to experience engaging and unique play opportunities together. The Memo has numeracy games to promote mathematical skills, and spelling games that are linked to movement, so children are getting both mental and physical exercise benefits using the 360° LED touch panels. 

There’s something for everyone

The products are dynamic, they’re connected to the cloud, Marantali gets weekly play statistics and can upload new games, renew or change games, or adjust settings remotely to meet the community’s preferences. More than 60 games cover agility, speed, and reaction through racing, dancing, or musical chairs on a range of topics from maths, geography, and language to sustainability. The equipment is wheelchair accessible and has games that are practical for children and adults who may have an autism spectrum disorder or older people experiencing dementia.

Traditional play equipment

The playspace also features an exciting custom-designed Adventure Tower and Activity Track from Lappset. The tower houses five unique slides of varying heights and designs, including a large spiral slide extending from the feature tower standing 7m high. In addition to its versatile play value, the tower acts as focal point for the surrounding estate.

Traditional play equipment is also included with oxygen climbers, rockers, seesaws, a wheelchair accessible carousel, and a variety of swings from Lappset and is surrounded by a bike track from the team at Winslow Constructors.

The interactive technology complements this traditional play experience by offering new variety and opportunities for children and families. 

Collaboration is the key to success 

The Olivia Estate playspace was a genuine collaboration between Marantali, Lark

Industries, Human Habitats and Winslow Constructors; and an exciting first for all in designing/building an interactive playspace. 

“Collaboration between Council, client and designer was important because this project pushed boundaries. Joining forces to ask Melton Shire Council to think differently and offer something new was key. And at the end of the day, they realise they’ve got a great outcome at Olivia Estate. 

Marantali was great, there was no value management. Marco was prepared to put a bit of money up front, for ongoing maintenance, and support a great outcome. He wanted to leave a legacy, something different for the community.” says Darren Atkinson, Director, Human Habitats. 

Human Habitats says working closely with Lark, early on, was also invaluable: 

“Lark has a great reputation – having that early conversation with Ryan and seeing how Lark can support a vision is critical. They’re not just selling a piece of equipment, they are getting on the front foot, working with designers, coming up with themes and looking at unique ways of combining equipment. That makes a difference,” says Darren. 

Josh Rolfe, Project Manager at Winslow Constructors agrees, “it was good to see it evolve from the plans and come to life. And Lark was great, they’re always accessible and stuck to timelines, which made it so much easier.”

The multi-generational, all-inclusive, and dynamic Smart Technology Play offers an open and interactive arena for everyone in the Olivia community to get involved and play together.

Physical and Cognitive Development: enhances motor skills, coordination, and problem solving while encouraging imaginative play and decision-making.

Inclusive and Accessible Play: promotes social interaction, a sense of belonging and encourages play across generations, demographics, ages and both physical and cognitive abilities.

Multi-sensory Engagement: engages multiple senses, stimulating exploration, and fostering cognitive and emotional growth.

Creative and Imaginative Play: sparks creativity, through the use of internet connected technology – providing endless game opportunities, ever changing content and experiences that promote movement, imagination, and playful competition.

Technology Integration: incorporates lights, sounds, and touch-sensitive surfaces, creating an immersive environment that captivates children’s interest.

Family Bonding and Social Interaction: brings families together, fostering connections, communication skills, and social development among parents, siblings, and friends.


Contact Lark Industries:
Sharon Winbanks
Senior Business Development Manager, VIC & TAS
M: 0499 206 668
E: [email protected]


Disclaimer: This blog has been reformatted from the original presentation by Lark Industries to suit the Olivia Estate website. The article was not written and is not owned by Olivia Estate or the developer, Marantali. View the original PDF here.



Libraries & Learning Centres Near Olivia

Libraries and Learning Centres Near Olivia

In today’s fast-paced digital era, libraries and learning centres play a vital role in fostering knowledge, inspiration, and community engagement. The City of Melton offers many options whether you’re a bookworm, lifelong learner, activities for the kids, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat.

Melton City Libraries

With two vibrant libraries, six convenient library access points, and free membership the community is enriched with learning resources and services.

The two local libraries are in Melton and Caroline Springs, less than 15 minutes from Olivia. Melton Library & Learning Hub is a state-of-the art community hub in the heart of Melton, with two spacious floors featuring plenty of communal study and lounge spaces, it is the perfect place for relaxation, learning and family-friendly entertainment. “Caroline Springs Library & Learning Hub is a lively community hub in the heart of Caroline Springs, with flexible spaces and a range of resources and technology, it is a great place to visit for work or play.” (City of Melton).

Both libraries are open 7 days a week (excluding public holidays); however, if you can’t come to the library in person, Melton City Library members who live within the Melton City Council area, can receive a free delivery once every six weeks!

The libraries also have a range of fun, free programs just for kids and host lots of activities during the school holidays. Check out the dedicated “Kids’ Corner” page for more information.

At the library access points, you’ll find innovative “smart shelves” to explore a range of library items, self-checkout stations making borrowing and returning items a breeze, and a holds shelf to ensure easy collection of your reserved materials. While the library access points are only staffed at specific times, you can easily view the locations and opening hours here.

Community Activity & Learning Centres

The City of Melton also offers Community Activity and Learning Centres with 20 centres throughout the area. The centres provide opportunities for community members to learn new skills and join community groups fostering personal growth and community engagement.

You can browse and enrol in programs via the Melton Learning Directory website; the centres are open to all local community members with plenty of options for all ages!

 Lifelong Learning Festival

“The Lifelong Learning Festival is a celebration of learning opportunities that are available year-round across our wonderful municipality in our community centres, libraries, other facilities and beyond. An inclusive community event, the festival provides opportunities for free activities across the municipality to all age groups, abilities, and interests. Participating in the festival gives you the opportunity to explore new learning experiences where you’ll meet new people, discover new interests and of course, have fun!

The festival showcases a program of free events covering a range of topics under the festival themes including: 

  • Learning for Sustainability
  • Learning for Taste
  • Learning for Earning
  • Learning for Health
  • Learning for Creativity
  • Learning for Tech Skills
  • Learning for Fun

Learn more about the Lifelong Learning Festival via Melton Learning Directory website.” (City of Melton).

Stay in the loop with community activities and learning opportunities for the whole family by joining the Melton Learning Directory’s mailing list!




Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on general knowledge and information available at the time of publishing.
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Olivia Estate Blog - Reducing your winter energy bills

Reducing Your Winter Energy Bills

Reducing Your Winter Energy Bills

 With the colder weather upon us (and interest rates on the rise), it’s time to look at our options for reducing our electricity consumption and energy bills.

Understanding your energy bill

 The first step to reducing your energy consumption, and therefore, your costs is to understand your energy bill; “there are many costs involved in providing electricity and gas to your home. These costs and their relative contribution to the total amount payable are not provided in detail on most energy bills.” Energy Made Easy provides information about what’s on your bill along with other helpful information and advice:

Key factors affecting your energy bill

 A range of factors determines the amount of energy used in our homes:

  • Local climate,
  • The size of the home and whether it’s a townhome, apartment, unit or freestanding,
  • The design of the home including insulation, orientation, and the use of passive heating a cooling,
  • Features and appliances including the size, number and energy efficiency of major appliances,
  • Habits and personal preferences.

The best time to consider energy efficiency is when you’re building a new home or planning renovations to your existing home. But there are always things we can do to improve energy efficiency in our established homes. (May, 2023)

How to reduce your energy bills

 Again, details many ways to reduce your energy consumption and bills:

  • Compare:
    • compare your energy use in the same period last year, look into reasons and consider why it has changed and options for reducing it.
    • compare providers using websites Compare the Market and iSelect to see if other providers are offering better rates, discounts or sign up bonuses.
  • Consider:
    • Consider the times of the day you use the most energy. Move away from using major appliances (like your washing machine and dishwasher) during peak times where possible (your provider should list peak times on your bill, if applicable).
  • Take action:
    • Use thicker bedding so you can turn the heating down or off overnight,
    • Only heat the rooms you’re using,
    • Let sunlight and warmth in where possible and close blinds and curtains before it gets dark,
    • Use your ceiling fan to circulate warm air,
    • Block draughts with window and door seals,
    • Avoid using the showers and baths to warm up (keep showers short where possible),
    • Turn off appliances not in use off at the wall (e.g. TVs, computers, and consoles).

 For more information and to help reduce energy bills year-round check out’s seasonal advice.

Rebates and bonuses

 Stay in the loop with rebates offered by your provider, other providers, and the Government. 

 At the time of publishing, eligible households can apply for a $250 power saving bonus (between March 2023 to 31 August 2023). The application takes approximately 10 minutes and, if successful, the Government provides a cheque or bank deposit for $250 to assist with your energy bills.

 You can find more information and the eligibility criteria and application process at

Disclaimer: Information contained in this blog is current at the time of publication and is subject to change without notice.
Header image credit: Alex Padurariu on Unsplash

Major Changes to the Commute from the Western Corridor

Major Changes to the Commute from the Western Corridor.

Local and State Governments are working towards improving the commute into the city for the rapidly growing population in the Western Corridor.

West Gate Freeway and Tunnel

The West Gate Freeway is one of Melbourne’s busiest roads, carrying over 200,000 vehicles a day; a single break-down or accident can bring the freeway to a standstill. To reduce traffic and travel time for commuters from the growing western suburbs, the State Government has partnered with Transurban to deliver the now, well underway, West Gate Tunnel and increase the number of lanes on the freeway.

In addition to providing a second river crossing, the tunnel project works will provide an additional four lanes to the West Gate Freeway.

Victoria’s Big Build website advises, when the project is complete it will:

  • provide a second river crossing, reducing reliance on the West Gate Bridge,
  • widen the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 through lanes,
  • ease congestion for the daily commuters,
  • better connect Melbourne’s west to CityLink, Footscray Road, Dynon Road, and Wurundjeri Way,
  • better manage traffic flows and incidents through smart technology.

For more information on the West Gate Tunnel Project, visit the Big Build website.

Hopkins Road Level Crossing Removal Works

In addition to the West Gate Tunnel Project, level crossing removals form part of Victoria’s big build. 

Hopkins Road level crossing has been added to the project to make the City of Melton level crossing free by 2028, with the Victorian Government committing to starting works on the Hopkins Road crossing removal in 2023. (Moving Melton).

“Removing these level crossings will reduce congestion, improve safety and pave the way for more capacity on the train network. With no level crossings in the area, journeys will be faster and more reliable, and local roads will be safer.” (Victoria’s Big Build).

Read more about City of Melton Level Crossing Removal Works here.

To explore all level crossing removal projects, click here.

Potential Upgrades for Hopkins Road

The City of Melton are proposing upgrades for Hopkins Road in addition to the State Government’s level crossing removal works to reduce congestion and increase commuter safety.

“Hopkins Road is a critical north south connector for the west, providing access to employment precincts and connecting the Western Highway to the Princes Freeway. It is currently a rural-standard carriageway with unsealed shoulders, open drains and non-existent pedestrian facilities.” (Moving Melton).

With the rapidly growing population in the west expected to increase Hopkins Road usage from 27,000 to 40,000 vehicles a day by 2031, it is important the infrastructure is upgraded to meet demands. The proposed solution on the Moving Melton website is:

  • removal of the level crossing with grade separation near Greigs Road [road over rail treatment],
  • Hopkins Road duplication between the Western Highway and Boundary Road,
  • upgrade of the Boundary Road intersection with traffic lights,
  • new pedestrian and cycling path.

For more information and to stay up to date with the proposal for Hopkins Road upgrades, visit the Moving Melton website.

Future Mt Atkinson Train Station

The future Mt Atkinson train station, to be located moments from Olivia at the proposed Mt Atkinson Town Centre, will reduce road congestion (by an estimated 1,400 car trips a day), relieve pressure on other local stations, and help support local employment – construction of the new station will create 271 jobs for the local economy as well as improve access to existing and proposed employment
opportunities in the Western Corridor. (Moving Melton).

Further information on this and other local rail upgrades can be found on the Moving Melton Website.

Images courtesy of Moving Melton and Victoria’s Big Build.

Feature Park Olivia Estate Truganina

Olivia’s interactive and inclusive playground is now open

Olivia’s interactive and inclusive playground is now open

We’re excited to announce the 1.27-hectare interactive playground that has been under planning and development for a couple of years is now open!

Since development at Olivia began in 2019, we have had a team of people dedicated to designing and implementing this state-of-the-art playground, with traditional play equipment and interactive technology-based equipment for all ages and all abilities. The playground which is centrally located in the Olivia community is a place for young and old to meet and play. 

Whatever your age, isn’t it good to play?

We created this park to be inclusive of all ages and all abilities, so that people can come together and enjoy time out in the fresh air and sunshine and discover new styles of play enabled by modern technology. Olivia is the first development estate of its kind to have an interactive playground such as this, and we’re very proud we’ve been able to bring this to the residents of Olivia.

The park encourages:

1.    Multi-generational play – the whole family can play together; children, parents, and grandparents.

2.    Inclusivity – regardless of ability and capacity, anyone can access the equipment and play together in groups.

Here are some of the innovative games you’ll find there:

Sona: The Yalp Sona interactive play arch works intuitively. When you walk under the arch, it will ask what game you want to play. Different games can be selected, and several players can play simultaneously in a group. 

Memo: The Yalp Memo has a playing field with a set of seven interactive play pillars with a 360° LED touch screen. The Memo has mathematical and spelling games so that children are getting both mental and physical exercise benefits at the same time.

Oxygen Climber: The oxygen climber is excellent for kids who like to climb and scamper! It builds strength, coordination, balance, and agility. 

Rhodium 3-Way Rocker: For little ones, this rocker builds confidence in their ability to manage movement, make decisions, and develop balance.

The Tower: For children who like rabbit holes, slippery dips, and climbing things, they will thoroughly enjoy the tower experience.

Xspeed: The Xspeed allows four people to swing around the pole while moving up and down. It develops core muscle strength, postural control, kinaesthetic awareness, and balance. It also develops an understanding of speed, force, and directional movement.

Raise your family, upsize to your dream home and invest in your future

Since 2019, Olivia has become home to many families and individuals. There is a wonderful sense of community with everything you need for a good quality of life close-by and conveniently located. Early learning centres, schools for a growing family, and shopping centres are all within a few minutes’ drive. Melbourne’s CBD is only 28kms away. Three new government and non-government schools (primary and high schools) have been proposed at Mt Atkinson which is a five-minute drive from Olivia.

These are just some of the reasons to start something beautiful at Olivia today.

Register on our website for regular construction updates, call our sales team, or email us for all enquiries. 

Olivia Truganina Stage 3 Feature Park

Olivia Construction Update: April 2022

This year has seen some exciting milestones for the Olivia community.

Stage 3 Feature Park

Our residents have seen the ongoing construction of the Stage 3 feature park over the last 2 months; earthworks have been completed, half the play equipment is installed, with grass and landscaping to follow in the coming months.

The park will change the way families play!

For those who love traditional play equipment, there will be a massive tower, an oxygen climber, rockers, seesaw, swings including a nest swing, a carousel, a pedal park and more. For the techies among us, there is the Yalp Memo and Sona, smart technology play that is multi-generational, all inclusive, and dynamic. More information can be found in our park blog here.


Olivia is seeing more and more families move into the neighbourhood with approximately 150 completed homes and another 50 currently under construction. Stage 8 sold out in just 2 months, bringing more new families one step closer to calling Olivia home.


Street tree planting and tidying up of nature strips has started in Stages 1, 2, and 11. Each stage has a combination of deciduous and evergreen trees of varying heights, approved by Melton City Council, to create a streetscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and one that will play an important role in the environmental and social health of our community. To find out which trees will be planted in your stage, check out our street tree blog. 

Upcoming Construction*

Civil works in Stages 4, 5, and 6 are expected to commence in June 2022.

A limited range of exclusive, park fronting townhomes are expected to be released in Q4 this year.

The childcare centre planned for the corner of Greigs Road and Panaia Boulevard, at the entrance of Olivia, is expected to get underway mid-2023 with the centre anticipated to open in 2025.

For all enquiries, please contact our friendly sales team on 0422 871 939 or [email protected].

*Our next construction update video is scheduled to align with construction commencing in Stages 4, 5, and 6.

Out and About Around Olivia

  • The Truganina community is rapidly growing offering more and more local social and recreation facilities to enjoy with family, friends, and neighbours. Within minutes of Olivia, there are wineries, golf, kid friendly recreation, and parks and nature to explore.


Located at 557 Leakes Road, Witchmount Estate is just a 10-minute drive from Olivia. The estate spans 6 hectares and offers both indoor and outdoor spaces that showcase stunning views of the landscaped courtyards, vineyards, and the lake. Visit the links below for more information:

Russo Estate is a short 15-minute drive from Olivia at 760-818 Holden Road, Diggers Rest. This family-owned and operated estate has been beautifully designed to provide modern elegance with a rustic welcoming atmosphere, the perfect place to spend time with friends:


Home to the Eynesbury Summer Festival, held from November through to 31 March. There’s plenty of options for everyone; enjoy a wood-fired pizza in the beer garden, a man-made beach, and food trucks. Check out their schedule here.

If a round of golf is more your thing, the Eynesbury Golf course is just 15 minutes from Olivia. “One of Australia’s top 100 golf courses, designed by the legendary Graham Marsh and open to all, the course delivers 18-holes of beautiful and challenging golf.” – Eynesbury Golf.

Kids Activities

There’s plenty of local recreation facilities to help burn off some of the kids’ energy!

Melton Waves offers a number of facilities to suit your needs; a safe space to learn to swim, get fit, or just play and have some fun. Enjoy the wave pool, relax in the warm water pool and spa, swim laps or take lessons in the 25m indoor pool.

Chipmunks Playland in bustling Caroline Springs, is a popular indoor playground for kids 0-11 can burn energy and be entertained for hours while you kick back with a coffee.

Animal Land Children’s Farm is Melbourne’s premier farm experience. Animal Land has been specifically designed to give kids real farming experience. Visitors get to hold, pat, feed, and immerse themselves in farm life first-hand. Book a tour or your child’s next birthday party now!

Parks and Nature

The City of Melton is home to a wide range of parks and leisure spaces for people of all ages, including:

  • Dingo Discovery and Research Centre, “…a unique conservation establishment set on 40 acres in the picturesque foothills of the Macedon Ranges [20 minutes from Olivia], aims to preserve and conserve the gene pool of the original dingo, educate the public, facilitate non-invasive research, and participate in the future rehabilitation of the dingo.”
  • Melton Botanic Garden provides the perfect setting for a picnic with seating, BBQ facility, toilets, walking paths and many beautiful gardens to explore. Currently included at the garden are:
    • Indigenous Peoples Garden
    • Sensory Garden
    • Bushfoods Garden
    • Victorian Volcanic Plains Garden
    • Botanic Trail around the main lake
    • Amphitheatre for events.
    • Lederderg State Park and You Yangs Regional Park both approximately half an hour from Olivia, offer magnificient views and plenty of space for the adventurer in you to explore. Enjoy the feeling of vast remoteness in your own backyard!

Check out the City of Melton website or download the Melton City Much More app to explore more local places to visit, eat, drink and play!

Joining the Olivia community means having everything you need right on your doorstep!

Stage 8C has just been released, register your interest online or get in touch with our friendly sales team on 0422 871 939 or [email protected], or visit our sales office and start something beautiful today!

Header image credit: Chelsea Pridham on Unsplash

Land for sale Truganina, Olivia Estate

Olivia 2021 Wrap Up

2021 has been a busy year at Olivia; we have met some exciting milestones and welcomed many new residents to the community.

The Community is Growing Fast!

Stages 3, 13, and 14 titled in May, September, and November respectively, delivering another 175 lots to our residents to build their dream homes! Over 100 families currently call Olivia home and are successfully building a connected community; more families will join them over the next few months with 40 homes currently under construction.

Historical Dry-Stone Wall Rebuild Commenced

In August, the first section of Olivia’s dry-stone wall rebuild was meticulously completed by Paul Middleton of Stockade Stone Build, to retain the original unrefined construction style while increasing the structural integrity in a way that respects the values and significance of the local cultural landscape. The remaining section of the dry-stone wall is expected to be completed within the next 18-24 months.

Stage 3 Feature Park Approved

Mid-year, Melton City Council approved our plans for the Stage 3 feature park! 

For those who love traditional play equipment, there will be a massive tower, an oxygen climber, rockers, seesaws, swings, a carousel, a pedal park, and plenty of kick-about space surrounded by greenery with extensive planting. And for those who are a little more tech-oriented, we have the Yalp interactive equipment! The Yalp Sona and Memo are designed to provide an opportunity for all ages, abilities, and interests to engage and play together. Find out more about this exciting new equipment in our September park blog.

Childcare Centre Approved

A planning permit was issued for the childcare centre proposed within Olivia. The facility will be located at the entrance of Olivia, on the corner of Greigs Road and Panaia Boulevard. Once fully operational at the beginning of 2024, the centre will cater for up to 96 children between the hours of 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday. For more information, check out our childcare centre blog here.  


2021 saw record sales at Olivia with over 250 new purchasers looking to join the growing Olivia community and create a quality lifestyle for themselves and their families.

2022 Promises to be Another Big Year

Thank you for making all this possible in 2021! As we move into 2022, we have plenty of exciting milestones to look forward to:

  • Streetscaping is expected to commence in March in Stages 1, 2, and 11, tidying up nature strips and planting street trees;
  • Construction on the Stage 3 1.27-hectare feature park is also due to commence in March;
  • Stage 4, 5, and 6 civil works are expected to commence in Q1 with titles expected Q4 2022; and
  • Stage 7 civil works are expected to commence in March 2023 with titles expected by October-November 2023.

Start something beautiful at Olivia today

For all enquiries, and to secure the perfect lot for your dream home, please get in touch with our Estate Manager, Christian Taverna on 0422 871 939 or [email protected].

*All statements (including delivery times and prices) are based on information available to the developer at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice or obligation. ^Neighbourhood park to be developed in Stage 9.

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